SHOU TIME AI Revolutionizes Learning with AIOZ Web3Stream Network

SHOU TIME, the pioneering artificial intelligence low-data learning platform, is set to transform the landscape of digital education. Leveraging the power of AIOZ Network and built on Coinbase’s DEX Wallet, SHOU TIME introduces a groundbreaking approach to learning that is accessible, rewarding, and innovative.

Traditional digital learning has long been plagued by issues of accessibility, especially for youth in rural and semi-urban areas with limited high-bandwidth internet access. Recognizing this gap, SHOU TIME is launching as the first decentralized platform of its kind, offering a seamless learning experience with minimal data dependency.

The SHOU TIME Ecosystem:

At the heart of the SHOU TIME ecosystem is the revolutionary SHOU token, a Layer 2 Ethereum token on the Coinbase (BASE) network. This token powers a platform where educators can create, deploy, and assess micro-courses through various mediums including SMS text, audio, and streaming videos.

How It Works:

  • Earn While You Learn: Teachers upload their courses onto the SHOU TIME platform and pay in SHOU tokens. These courses are then made available to learners.
  • Rewards for Learning: Learners earn rewards simply by engaging with educational content. This includes watching/listening to educational videos, viewing advertising displays, and mastering tailored courses.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Teachers can choose the mode of delivery, whether it’s daily SMS texts, videos, broadcasts, or even through Dapps. This flexibility ensures that learning is tailored to individual preferences and needs.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Students receive visual cues through images, followed by audio calls or live broadcasts. This synchronous medium allows instructors to interact with and answer queries from students in real-time.

“SHOU TIME is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards inclusive and rewarding learning experiences,” said Michael Anthony, Founder and CEO at SHOU TIME INC. “By harnessing the power of AIOZ Network and the security of Coinbase’s DEX Wallet, we are creating a new era of digital education that empowers both educators and learners.”


SHOU TIME is a low-data artificial intelligence learning platform powered by AIOZ Network, and built on a layer 2 BASE network called SHOU TIME token (SHOU). It aims to revolutionize digital education by providing accessible, rewarding, and innovative learning experiences for all.

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