Rollblock (RBLK) and Toncoin (TON) Skyrocket In Whale Activity, Could They Be Set To Overtake Ripple (XRP)? 

The Ripple (XRP) price has come in for a lot of flak lately, struggling to regain its former stature after the SEC lawsuit hobbled Ripple Labs. Ripple has lost so much market cap that Toncoin has overtaken the beleaguered international payment currency. Crypto whale activity shows that the Ripple price is going to get hammered as the crypto whales divide their XRP holdings between the juggernaut Toncoin and the new iGaming dApp, Rollblock, currently in presale. 

Ripple (XRP): A Potential Great Slipping Away Into Obscurity

The crypto whales who punted Ripple as little as two years ago are silently slinking away as XRP is not gaining market traction. Ripple is a cautionary tale of what could have been had the SEC not driven a stake in front of this once third-ranked token. While the Ripple Labs development could have been part of the triumvirate along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, the XRP price has remained steady for 5 years.

The XRP price is trading at a mere 20% higher than it did in 2019, while crypto whales drove the price of all other large-cap cryptos upwards in excess of several hundred – and sometimes several thousand – percent. Even if the XRP price stages a comeback, it has a lot of catching up to do to make up for the lost ground while the SEC played a losing game of hardball. 

Toncoin (TON): Crypto Whale Activity Sees Massive Price Run

Excluding stablecoins, Toncoin is now the fifth-ranked coin by market cap. While it is less than half the market cap of fourth-ranked Solana (SOL), its year-to-date growth figures dwarf that of Solana. At over 200 percent, Toncoin is the best-performing large-cap coin of the year and crypto whales are feasting on the potential of the 1.5 billion telegram users who support the Toncoin ecosystem.

Like BNB, Toncoin has an active audience: it is a utility coin for a dApp with a massive user base and where there are users, there is money. Crypto whales know this, which is why Toncoin is doing so well. 

Rollblock (RBLK): Crypto Whales Support Presale Efforts

As stated above, where there are users, there is money. The iGaming industry sees 155 million people regularly partake in online gaming, making it a 100 billion dollar per year industry and growing fast! iGaming is an industry that makes money is not news – Just look at Macau, Las Vegas, and Monte Carlo. What is news, is now even retail investors can get a slice of the multi-billion-dollar pie through the Rollblock presale.

Rollblock is inviting all investors to participate in its ongoing presale, where RBLK tokens are available at $0.015 to date. Rollblock tokens are limited to a $1billion tokens and considering the iGaming industry is going up by 10% per annum, it stands to reason that Rollblock is the hottest opportunity of the year.

Now, this is not just hype. Rollblock is a world first: a completely transparent and fully auditable iGaming dApp built on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes all transactions and bets safe, secure and fully auditable. If that’s not enough, RBLK token holders share in the profits from the platform, making it an income-bearing asset, thus they can be staked for remarkable APY rewards in return for providing liquidity to the Rollblock ecosystem. Up to 30% of Rollblock’s daily generated revenue will be allocated to reward stakers for holding and staking $RBLK tokens. What happens next is, half of these rewards will be paid out in $RBLK, while the other half will be used to buy back $RBLK from the open market and burn them, creating scarcity and value to the remaining tokens.

Inline with the current UEFA EUROs 2024 football tournament taking place in Germany, Rollblock has launched a $20k prize giveaway for its 3500 registered users. For a chance to win, users must give correct score predictions before the beginning of any match. Head over to the platform’s X account to learn more. 


Crypto whale activity is driving the Ripple (XRP) price down as the beleaguered cryptocurrency sees massive outflows. In contrast, the opposite could be said for Toncoin, which is just growing stronger by the day. However, even the prodigious returns of Toncoin are likely to be dwarfed by the proceeds emanating from the Rollblock presale. Toncoin is available for open trade on CEX and DEX dApps, while Rollblock is available in presale directly from their website.

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